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Lr44 battery equivalent

We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Showing reviews of Next. Great batteries for a great price! Very cost effective for low cost toys. I'll be back for more batteries. Great value for these batteries; had a challenge to find them in stores here but went to this website and they had these and much much MORE!

I get all my batteries through The Battery Supplier. No frills, no problem. Just do your homework as to the size batteries you need and order them. Fast shipping. Batteries always fresh. No problems. Phenomenal value, batteries work, glad I purchased! Did take a bit longer than expected to deliver, but still very satisfied. I can't say enough about the price for these batteries. For what I would have paid for one, I got 10 quality batteries. If you don't mind waiting for it to arrive via mail, the inconvenience is outweighed by the great price.

I was skeptical at first because the price is so cheap and I have never ordered from this site before. I am so happy with my purchase. Batteries work great. Shipping was free and super fast, came within few days.Can't find your battery? We're here to help. Click on the first letter or number of your battery to filter by type and find the Energizer battery to fit your needs.

It powers calculators and film cameras and other devices. Get more info on the battery. Used in watches, toys, calculators, remotes and more! Made for watches, glucose monitors, toys and calculators. Try the Energizer Battery. Used in watches, toys, glucose monitors and calculators. Dependable performance for watches, toys, glucose monitors, and calculators. For watches, toys, glucose monitors and calculators. Learn more. A variety of watches, toys, glucose monitors and calculators use the battery.

The button battery provides reliable power for toys, lasers, flashlights, watches and more. The Energizer Battery is used in watches, remotes, toys, games and more.

lr44 battery equivalent

For reliably powering your watch, toys, glucose monitors, and remotes, try the Energizer Battery. Our popular A23 battery provides reliable power for your calculators, remotes, medical equipment and more. Our A27 battery provides dependable power for keyless entry and garage door openers.

The Energizer A Reliable power for watches, toys, glucose monitors, and calculators. The Energizer battery is used in remotes, heart rate monitors, and many hand held devices. Get reliable performance from Energizer's coin lithium battery.

It's used in many common devices. The Energizer battery works in car remotes, medical devices, garage door openers and more. Energizer's battery. Reliable power for keyless remotes, calculators, toys and more. Power your camera, toys, games and more with the Energizer battery. The Energizer Our The Energizer Battery. Power for heart-rate monitors, keyless entry, glucose monitors and more.

What Is the Difference Between a 357 Battery and an LR44?

We're sorry but there were no results that matched your search criteria. Please refine your search and try again. Specialty Battery Finder. Energizer Equivalent. Reliable power for keyless remotes, calculators, toys and more Learn more. Energizer Holdings, Inc.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.

Office: View Number. The LR44 battery is typically a 1. Here at microbattery. We carry high end premium batteries as well as more standard batteries at affordable prices.

What Batteries Are Equivalent to the LR44?

These batteries stand for durability, high capacity, high energy density and reliability. They help to provide reliable performance, high efficiency, and a long service life. The LR44 battery can be utilized in many devices such as watches, motherboards, and a variety of medical devices like thermometers. These sizes are possible LR44 battery replacements. There are other batteries that are similar to the LR44 battery but are different in composition chemistry. Please be sure to double check the size and voltage of the battery you need, to avoid any issues that can damage your device.

Don't see your favorite brand of of LR44 battery? Feel free to contact us directly by phone or email in order to request availabilty of other brands, and to possibly place a special order.

lr44 battery equivalent

Be sure to check back frequently as we are constantly adding new batteries to our line up of high quality products. The operation and function of most alkaline batteries is depicted in the diagram below.

Actual product packaging and materials may contain more and different information than what is shown on our website. Not the Alkaline battery size you are looking for?

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Please click here to view all alkaline batteries offered by Microbattery. For large wholesale and B2B orders please contact us directly at Ext. If you had an account with our old site,Please create a New Account and Password you may use the same email address.

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Show All Manufacturers. LR44 Battery A Actual product packaging and materials may contain more and different information than what is shown on our website Not the Alkaline battery size you are looking for? Sign In.LR44 battery is available in various chemistries, offering significantly different features, which is often very important for their applications. Also, if You want to find out more about other battery sizes, groups, types, chemistries, feel free to check these categories:. LR44 battery features a diameter of Fortunately, standard labels for Some of the labels are used interchangeably among the chemistries, but manufacturers practically always clearly label the battery size and chemistry.

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If You are looking for a new LR44 battery, go for the batteries from reputable brands that have been tested by many users and that have good reviews. The first letter of the label identifies the battery's chemistry, as it is given in the following chart:. The battery label may also contain letters after numbers.

These letters indicate electrolyte type and battery drain:. Due to the advances in chemistry, many manufacturers produce 'standard' SR44 batteries suitable for both low- and high-drain applications, and label them by SR44SW, SR44W or they even use both labels. To summarize, a comparison of LR44 battery equivalents and replacements are given in the following chemistries cross reference chart:. Every battery chemistry has its pros and cons - which battery to choose depends on the device being used, availability of certain chemistries, personal needs and preferences, and of course, their prices.

Alkaline LR44 batteries have a nominal voltage of 1. The nominal capacity of LR44 batteries is in the mAh range, although some LR44 batteries claim a much larger capacity, comparable to silver-oxide batteries.

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Actual capacity also depends on the cutoff voltage of devices being powered by these batteries, with some, for example, watches having reliability issues when the battery voltage drops below 1.

Such and similar units should be powered by SR44 batteries. The shelf life of LR44 batteries is usually around 3 years, but with the advances in chemistry, some LR44 batteries feature shelf life in the years range.

LR44 batteries may easily be found at local hardware stores and online shops at rather affordable prices. When compared with alkaline LR44 batteries, silver-oxide SR44 batteries feature a slightly higher nominal voltage of 1. Also, the nominal capacity of silver-oxide batteries is larger and is usually in the mAh range, but it often depends on the discharge currents - some low-drain models claim to have even more than mAh capacity.

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SR44 battery features a very low self-discharge rate - SR44 models with years shelf life are standard, with some models even having years shelf life.

Although SR44 batteries are slightly more expensive than LR44 batteries, they are recommended choices for more sensitive devices like watches, medical instruments, car keys, and similar. Zinc-air PR44 batteries are commonly labeled as Blue Tab, PR44, or batteries and are used almost exclusively for powering hearing aid devices.

Zinc-air batteries have a somewhat lower initial voltage of 1. Of all chemistries, zinc-air PR44 batteries feature the larges capacity in the mAh range, which is practically times better than the capacity of silver-oxide batteries.The battery is a silver oxide battery, while the LR44 is an alkaline battery.

The battery has a longer useful life and provides a more consistent voltage level than the LR44 over time. The battery is also more expensive than the LR The and LR44 batteries use different materials and different chemical reactions to generate electricity.

What Are Some Batteries Equivalent to an AG13 Battery?

The silver oxide battery is superior in performance to the alkaline LR The battery maintains a constant voltage near 1. The voltage of the LR44 alkaline cell drops continuously over its discharge lifetime. The has approximately double the useful capacity of the LR44, even though manufacturer's stated capacity ratings in milliamp-hours may appear more equivalent.

The voltage of the LR44 can become too low to properly operate a device due to its more rapid rate of voltage reduction, even if additional electrochemical capacity remains. The battery and the LR44 battery are interchangeable for most applications, but devices requiring a consistent voltage, such as precision calipers and some watches, benefit from the constant voltage performance of the Devices with greater energy demand benefit from the greater useful capacity of the More From Reference.The LR44 alkaline battery is a powerful, long-lasting button cell.

Apart from its compact shape, this alkaline battery has economic value and a nominal voltage of 1. It works efficiently in both high and cold temperatures and is powered by the reaction between manganese dioxide and zinc, which in turn powers your devices. LR44 batteries are more affordable than silver oxide batteries, while still providing high capacity and long service life.

Such cells are used in products like calculators, electronics toys, small radios, cameras and portable electronics. The following are some of the most suitable equivalents of LR44 batteries.

Ever wondered which type of battery powers your hand watches? They're well known as batteries and are equivalent in size and voltage to the SR44 batteries. Later designs include silver oxide batteries and feature a capacity of approximately three times as long a charge at a higher price. AG13 batteries feature a termination voltage of 0. They have a cell size of L R Battery. Manufacturers often assign proprietary names and numbers to their batteries. The letter "L" symbolizes the electrochemical system used, an alkaline electrolyte.

The letter "R" indicates its cylindrical round cell, while 11 and 44 signify the battery's diameter and height, respectively. L Battery. An L battery is a 1. They're cheaply available online and you get much more value for the money spent. However, alkaline L batteries are not easy to find locally, as Energizer and Duracell dominate the battery button market in the US.

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lr44 battery equivalent

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lr44 battery equivalent

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